Insurance for abroad travellers
ServicesInsurance for abroad travellers

All the travelers going outside the country can use the traveler’s medical insurance coverage as per the following:  

-Paying the emergency medical, surgery, drugstore, hospital and medical transfer expenses to the nearest hospital.

-Paying the emergency dentist expenses.

- Paying the expenses of the legal conflicts.

- Guidance and helping in case of travel documents being stolen or gone missing.

- Returning back the insured person to Iran in case of death or hospitalization.

- Compensating the accommodation and travel costs associated with the insured's bedside companion in case the insured will be hospitalized for more than 10 back to back days.

- Returning back the orphans in case of the insured death or transfer.

- Compensation of the medical expenses up to maximum 50,000 Euro in each compensation and each insurance coverage.

-and …

The coverage and liabilities of Mofarri Aiding Company have been presented below.

Maximum compensation in Euro



Franchise 25

Medical and hospitalization expenses in the hospitals outside the country

No limitation

Transfer or returning the insured to the country in case of occurrence of any accident or disease during the trip


Franchise 25

Compensation of Emergency Dental Expenses

Without limitation

Returning the family members of the insured person to the country

Without limitation

Returning the body of the dead insured person


Emergency trip of one of the family members

Without limitation

Emergency return to the country due to the death of one of the family members

Without limitation

Medicine delivery

Without limitation

Sending information messages of medical places in emergency cases


Guaranteed Cash Transfers


Cash transfers


Legal assistance


Loss of passport, driving license and birth certificate outside the country


Loss of submitted luggage to the airplane


Entry delay in the carry

Without limitation

Finding and sending luggage and personal items


Delay in airplanes departure (vehicle)