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One of the different types of group insurance coverage is personal insurance which covers death and disability due to accidents and economical needs of the human societies, especially industrial societies have lead to extraordinary growth and development of this field in insurance. This insurance coverage have been transformed gradually, so that today the main insurance coverage have included accidents insurances including death, partial and total disability, permanent and total disability. With agreement of the insured and the insurer the insurance can cover the medical expenses resulting from accidents and daily and weekly compensations.

Compensable losses

Whenever an abrupt accident or event resulting from an external factor, without the will of the insured will lead to his death or physical injury, the insurer is obliged to compensate the damage. In accident insurances riskssuch as:


- Rabies Disease



- Electric shock and injuries resulting from the effect of acid or any other type of corrosive substances

- Blockage / cramps or rupture of blood vessels and muscles

- Tetanus and anthrax

Are covered in insurance.

On the contrary, risks resulting from earth quake, volcano, war, civil war, insurrection, riot, heavy sports and martial sports can be covered with an agreement between the insured and the insurer. Generally, regarding the blind and deaf people or people above 70 years, they will be covered with paying extra premium.

In accident, death or physical insurance policies resulting from the following, they will not be covered by the insurance:

-Committing crime and assaults or participating in them

-Suicide, committing suicide or any intentional physical damage to oneself

-Usage of drug substances without the doctor prescription

-Intoxication due to alcoholic beverages


-People with dementia

- Any RISK resulting from radiation of radioactive substances, atomic/hydric or neutron blast

-Civil war, war, riot and strike

The following are considered as total member disability

The following are considered as total member disability in accident insurances and the insurer will compensate the insured with the full capital:

-Blindness from both eyes

- Interruption or permanent disability of both hands, at least from wrist

-Mental disorders and incurable brain or spinal cord injury

- Interruption or permanent disability of both legs, at least from ankle

-Compensations related to partial member disability based on the tables mentioned in insurance policies and will be compensated as per percentile value from the total of capital.