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Based on civil liability law of Iran all the individuals of the society including legal and real entities are liable against causing damage to other and should compensate that. The description of civil liability insurance is to provide and compensate the damages caused by the insured to others which are resulted from his fault or dangerous activities. In this insurance the compensations under insurance cover include financial loss and body injuries. Among the most common types of this insurance we can name the following:

1- Employer’s civil liability insurance against employees

All the employers are liable against compensating the damages caused to their employees and worker which results from accidents at the time of work which lead to physical injuries or death. This insurance insures the employer against the employees. All the employees working in the range of work place will be covered in this insurance. According to this insurance death, maim compensations as well as their medical expenses will be covered by the insurance up to the purchased limit.

2- Civil liability insurance against third person resulting from construction work

Sometimes during the construction work, some financial and physical damagers are caused to third persons which are resulted from demolition, excavation, making foundation, installation of steel structures and other civil works. These damages include sitting down and fall of the adjacent buildings, financial loss caused to furniture of the adjacent buildings due to fall, loss caused to the street, pedestrian and public assets such as green space, loss caused to installations under the ground such as water, gas, telephone pipes and as well as physical injuries caused to neighbors and passengers. With obtaining this insurance the liability of the owner of the construction work and all the operational workers against third persons will be covered.

3- Professional liability insurance of designing, surveyor engineers and construction supervisor

This insurance has been provided for establishing the professional provision of designing, surveyor engineers and construction supervisor who are members of engineering system of provinces, have occupational license number and signature of the Department of Housing and Urban Planning of the Municipality against the owners of the building, third persons (including neighbors, passengers and etc) and executive workers of the construction project (financially and physical injury). The insurance liability for physical injuries is up to legal blood money for each person and for financial losses will be as per the request of the designing engineer, surveyor and supervisor. The insurance duration for each construction license starts from the license issuance (including the period of construction operation and after that).

4- Comprehensive liability insurance (C.G.L)

This insurance is provided for contractors of construction projects and as per the conditions of this insurance the liability of the contractor will be covered comprehensively against the workers and third persons.

5- Professional liability insurance for doctors, Paramedics, dentists, labs, medical diagnostic and radiology

The description of this insurance, is the compensation of the insured professional liability “doctor” which results from his mistake, error or neglect in performing medical affairs which results in physical damages or death of the patients and also the liability resulting from surgeries during the validity of the insurance , in case they can be subjected to the surgeries or treatments, during three years from the time of those actions will be covered and the relevant trial expenses in each trial will be included in the liabilities of the insurer.

Items which are out of the liability of the insurer and for which no compensation will be made (exceptions):

-Losses caused by treatment or surgery out of the expertise of the insured

- Losses cause by any treatment or surgery by the insured if he has been under the influence of drugs, sleeping pills or alcoholic drinks.

- Losses caused by any kind of treatment or surgery which are against the rules and regulations of the country.

- Losses caused by any kind of general Anesthesia performed outside of the hospital.

- Losses caused by third parties claims regarding non-profit matters

- Losses caused by treatment and surgery performed on first rank relatives (Causal and relative)

- Losses caused by any treatment or surgery for beauty purposes.

In this type of insurance the liability of the insurer in each case will be limited to compensation of the losses of insured liability based on the maximum limit mentioned in the insurance policy. It should be noted that in this insurance the maximum limit of the financial liabilities for injury and death should be determined such that it will be consistent with the verdicts issues from relevant legal authorities.

6- Liability insurance of the technical authorities of hospitals

The description of this insurance policy is compensation of physical losses caused to patients, their beneficiaries and other third persons around the hospital resulted from their liability consistent with job description approved by health and medical education ministry. Legal claims against medical centers due to lack of efficiency, lack of having sufficient medical facilities, technical equipments during the treatment, surgery and hospitalization of the patient resulted in physical injury to them and third persons (visitors and …) will be covered in this insurance policy.  

7- Civil liability insurance for lift (elevator owners)

Today elevators in commercial and residential buildings are considered as fundamental facilities. Although, periodical maintenance of elevators are done by owners, however; accidents caused by neglect in maintenance, defects of mechanical and electrical parts “which occur abruptly” will cause physical injuries and loss to users of them. Elevator liability insurance is a contract (agreement) that compensates the death and maim of the elevator passengers in case of any accident.

8- Liability insurance of sport club managers

In case people will have accidents with physical injuries while being present or using sport places and doing exercises or having matches and the management of the complex will be recognized liable for compensating the caused damages and losses, it will be compensated by the insurer.

9- Liability insurance of hotel and reception halls managers

Based on this insurance plan, human and financial losses of the travelers in the effect of accidents during the staying period in the hotel or model will be compensated. In the meantime, if the hotel has facilities such as pool, sport complex and parking and …the losses related to these will be as well compensated.

10- Transportation insurance

The international transportation operators will be covered based on C.M.R convention and the international transportation companies will be as well covered by insurance as per C.M.R convention.

11- Insurance of domestic (land) transportation operators

In this insurance policy, the civil liability of domestic (land) transportation operators (domestic transportation agencies) against goods owners will be covered as per the commercial rules and regulations and conditions of the bill of ladings issued.

12- Air transportation operators liability insurance

This civil liability insurance covers the air transportation operators against the good owners and their beneficiaries based on the conditions of the issued air transportation bill of ladings and Warsaw Convention.

Other civil liability insurance fields include :

- Civil liability insurance of kindergarten’s managers

- Liability insurance of holders of tourism and pilgrimage tours

- Liability insurance of amusement parks managers against the users.

- Liability insurance of the armed watchmen of the banks.

- Civil liability insurance of managers and nagi of pools.

- Civil liability insurance of the managers of cinemas and institutions.

- Civil liability insurance of coastal resorts.

- Civil liability insurance of public parking.

- Civil liability insurance of car workshops.

- Civil liability insurance of the projects of telecommunication, power, gas, waste, water and … networks construction.

- Comprehensive Civil liability insurance of municipality against citizens.

-  Liability insurance against fire

- Civil liability insurance of the regional power companies against the customers.

- Civil liability insurance of the gas inspection engineers.

- Civil liability insurance of manufacturing companies and installation of Auto Gas Systems.

- Civil liability insurance of companies manufacturing and installing advertisement tabloids.

- Civil liability insurance those having cranes.

- and …